Same sheet, different day.

Same sheet, different day.


Social media marketing is tough work! Finding fresh, new engaging content daily can be time consuming and challenging. Knowing how, when, and why to post and what tools to use may seem confusing. However, we're here to help. We're going to focus on 5 popular social media marketing tools to help you develop your brand and give you the freedom to build your business.



#1 Social media engagement can be complicated but Sparksfly, a new app, takes the load off by allowing you to consolidate all social-media feeds into one application.

#2 It's no surprise that Twitter is a powerful tool for businesses — but with over 250 million users, going in blindly will slow you down. gShift, a web presence analytics tool, now offers a Social Keyword module that mines Twitter to cut through the noise. This new tool monitors keywords, activity, associated terms, hashtags and other relevant data on Twitter in real-time, helping business create highly relevant and engaging content that draw in prospects and customers. The Social Keyword module is included in the SEO Software Package starting at $99 a month.

#3  Hootsuite Campaign Management & Analytics is a powerful tool and one that we use frequently (and certified in). With Hootsuite, you are able to manage multiple social media streams in one easy to use interface. It manages mentions, newsfeeds, and has built-in analytic tools that are free to use (some features cost extra). Oh did we also mention they offer a learning academy?


#4 Social media isn't for everyone. Your small business can get overwhelmed with finding fresh photos, articles, and content to post weekly. SnapRetail is basically like hiring your own copywriter and gives you access to thousands of relevant articles and pictures for your biz. They offer annual, quarterly, and daily plans.

#5 Each social media platform offers a plethora (great word) of potential clients and customers. LeadSift takes the confusion out of finding them and reveals a world of social media marketing opportunities. LeadSift mines millions of social media conversations, cutting through the chatter to deliver relevant, quality leads based on metrics set by users, such as geographic information and keywords. For instance, if you own a bakery in Atlanta, LeadSift's algorithms will find tweets from users located in Atlanta who are looking to buy cookies, as opposed to just tweeting about baked goods in general. You can then initiate engagement, target campaigns and create business connections to turn them into profitable customers. LeadSift offers a seven-day free trial, followed by a $29.99 monthly fee.

These five simple (yet powerful) tools will help build a strong online presence, keep you relevant and is an organic way to connect with your fans and customers. We'd love to hear from you so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook! And also at 423-619-4919

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