Yammer 101

Yammer 101 Yammer is a social media platform aimed for private corporate use. Microsoft purchased Yammer back in 2012 for a stout 1.2 billion in cash. Since then the platform has done exceedingly well as a part of Microsoft's myriad of applications. At RallyBoost we've been using Office 365 for email and Office functionality for Read more about Yammer 101[…]

Remaining constant during social storms

Remaining constant during social storms   A recent study by NASA reports that Jupiter has shown in just one year's time a drastic decrease in surface activity. The red storm bands are beginning to fade and radiation spots has subdued in many areas. Even the giant Red Spot is nearly half as small. In just one year, Read more about Remaining constant during social storms[…]

Don’t let your Social Media presence become a black hole

5 Social Media Tips to Build Brand Awareness   A recent study done by the TNS Group and LinkedIn reported that 94% of small businesses use social media as their marketing tool. Businesses simply cannot afford to be left behind in an ever progressing tech society. Social Media is very much at the forefront of building your businesses' Read more about Don’t let your Social Media presence become a black hole[…]