Right brained Social Media

Right-brained Social Media Delivering custom written content via blog, tweet, etc requires your idea engine to work full time. Creativity is key when delivering custom, curated content that entices an emotion from a potential customer. Most folks channel the left side brain functions which is responsible for analytic thought, logic, and science/math. The right side is Read more about Right brained Social Media[…]

Toot your LinkedIn Horn

5 LinkedIn Tips for Businesses   LinkedIn currently has over 364 million members and is the leading site for business networking. It allows your business to gain a social media presence and is a fantastic way to network with other businesses, competitors, and potential customers. Posting valuable content and updates about your business gives your customers a more Read more about Toot your LinkedIn Horn[…]

Gaining followers on Facebook

Gaining followers on Facebook According to a recent study done by Social media examiner, Facebook continues to stay #1 for the most preferred social platform for businesses. The study says that 93% of Marketers use Facebook, and 79% use Twitter as their preferred choice of platforms. Facebook has the social media's mass market with 1.39 billion Read more about Gaining followers on Facebook[…]