Don’t let your Social Media presence become a black hole

5 Social Media Tips to Build Brand Awareness


A recent study done by the TNS Group and LinkedIn reported that 94% of small businesses use social media as their marketing tool. Businesses simply cannot afford to be left behind in an ever progressing tech society. Social Media is very much at the forefront of building your businesses' voice and online presence. So taking the time to build complete profiles and updating relevant content people actually want to read is critical. Take a look below at 5 quick tips to strengthen your social media muscle.


Avoid that black hole of obscurity



#1 Invest in yourself. For smaller businesses, we suggest a $60 monthly budget towards Twitter and Facebook campaigns to get your website and/or tweet out to a larger demographic. There will a point when your social circle of vendors, employees, and customers dry up. You'll need to branch out.

#2 Share, retweet, and follow new customers and businesses daily. Take 10 minutes out of your morning to network with other professionals in your industry. We find that offering value or quick tips first shows your worth and credibility and is just simply good business. Start a LinkedIn community group where you offer weekly tips and information in your niche.

#3  Build your content around helpful & thoughtful campaigns. Lowe's does a great job at offering DYI tips and trick for home repair with seven second Vine videos. How might your business offer value in a creative way that drives engagement and also is just fun to watch?


#4 Determine which social media sites are best suited for your business. If you own a restaurant, you might consider spending more time on Pinterest and Instagram to get your menu items out for people to see. How about offering a free recipe idea on Pinterest and link it back to your home page?

#5 Consider using Periscope and/or MeerKat to host a live video of your products and services. These live streaming apps are easy to use and with proper hash tags can drive a wider audience to your homepage. Promote an upcoming 5 minute Periscope stream first through Twitter and Facebook, so people will know. Then, host the video showcasing your products and services.

These five simple tips and tricks will help build a strong online presence, keep you relevant and is an organic way to connect with your fans and customers. We'd love to hear from you so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook!


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