Remaining constant during social storms

Remaining constant during social storms


A recent study by NASA reports that Jupiter has shown in just one year's time a drastic decrease in surface activity. The red storm bands are beginning to fade and radiation spots has subdued in many areas. Even the giant Red Spot is nearly half as small. In just one year, the planet's storms have died down considerably. "The changes to Jupiter's landscape are global in scale and significant" says Glenn Orton, a Jet Propulsion scientist at NASA. You're probably wondering what all of this has to do with Social Media... but hang with me. What we've learned about this planet is that these storms have been around for millions of years and while changing, have always been.

In today's blog we're focusing on five quick tips to remain steadfast in a volatile social world. With the influx of new social media platforms to choose from it can be daunting to know which one's are best for your business. Which ones will remain consistent for your niche and how to keep an ever present, active presence over the ages.




#1 Take the time to build your brand. The most effective brands strategize their campaigns, schedules at peak times, and carefully plans which social media platforms will be best for their type of business. Research your target market. How, when, and where are they communicating? LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest? Determine which platforms are busiest and join the chat!

#2 Building awareness begins with thoughtful consideration of your target audience. If you currently send out a newsletter via snail mail, spend the time to convert it into an email using MailChimp. Take a look at your LinkedIn contacts.. would they benefit from receiving your weekly email newsletter?

#3  If your website gets a lot of traffic already, consider adding social media links to your homepage to drive those visitors back to your social sites. Make sure you have a call to action link on each social site to an information or purchase landing page.


#4 Consider building a social media conversion calendar. This tool will allow helps you stay organized by sticking to a set schedule for posting your content.

#5 Last but not least... if you don't have the time or interest to tweet, post, or blog, consider spending one hour of your month writing a newsletter which is sent out monthly. Or spend more time building a strong website. And if all of that isn't appealing, give us a call 😉

These five simple tips and tricks will help build a strong online presence, keep you relevant and is an organic way to connect with your fans and customers. We'd love to hear from you so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Or give us a call 423-619-4919


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