Yammer 101

Yammer 101


Yammer is a social media platform aimed for private corporate use. Microsoft purchased Yammer back in 2012 for a stout 1.2 billion in cash. Since then the platform has done exceedingly well as a part of Microsoft's myriad of applications.

At RallyBoost we've been using Office 365 for email and Office functionality for a while now. As part of the Enterprise Office 365 package, you are also provided Yammer. We activated Yammer a while back for our internal employees to communicate. It's a great way to privately participate in your corporations private social media platform.


The 10 Golden Rules of Yammer

1) Information for this site is private and belongs to your company. What is said on Yammer, stays on Yammer. Anything that goes beyond should first be verified with your Legal and HR departments.

2) Complete a professional profile. A good rule of thumb is to treat your overall appearance just liked LinkedIn. Your profile photo should be professional, clear, and centered. Your bio, department, and contact information should be also up to date.


3) You are responsible for what you post on Yammer. Consider your audience carefully before you post. As we all know anything posted onto to the internet will be there forever. It's especially important here.

4) Fully utilize #hashtags - yes they do work on this platform & are a great way to keep with trending topics in your department or company.

5) Take an active role and participate in community groups and discussions. How might you participate in your company's culture by joining an extracurricular group they offer such as hiking, leadership, etc?


6) We highly suggest assigning Yammer to a community manager who will responsibly manage all aspects of the platform. This person will be responsible for guidance and support.

7) Get executives involved and participating early on. Help them set an example of the type of culture to be expected on Yammer.

8) Respond quickly. Show the team that Yammer is faster than email (And a lot more fun!)

9) Try using it as help desk. Show that solutions and support work through Yammer in a timely fashion.

10) Bring "YamChamps" onto the team by making them your Yammer Cheerleaders. They can help with deployment, management and gathering folks to join in.


These ten rules of thumb will help build a strong Yammer presence, keep your teams updated, and is a fun way to connect with coworkers. We'd love to hear from you so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Please call us with any questions @ 423-619-4919

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